Breakthrough Teams

We Are Your High-Performing Rockstar Marketing TEAM!

Leave Your Marketing Strategy... Your Hooks, Copy, Funnels & Facebook Ads To Us

Hey there!

It’s Mark here again,

Have you got a business doing at least 500k per year and looking to scale?

Sick of all the “marketing gurus” out there, or marketing agencies promising the world but just don’t deliver?

It’s alright, If I hadn’t been in online marketing for more than 15 years, I’d be fooled too…

These days, there are people that take a 2 week Facebook Ads course and call themself a marketing expert or “guru”

The problem is you can’t do everything on your own, and it would cost a fortune to hire specialists that can actually help scale your business properly…

That’s why I created Breakthrough Teams. When I had my own gym, I remember that awkward gap between being able to hire a team, and doing everything myself, it was a constant back and forward between the 2 levels.

Breakthrough Teams looks at the big picture, examining your sales pipeline and brand online as an ever-evolving ecosystem. Our media buyers, Facebook ad managers, copywriters, tech department, funnel builders, website tech and project managers, all work together to help you scale your business efficiently and effectively

Imagine a team of experts, all working on scaling your business for you so you can focus on what really matters without having to worry about paying each individual wage every single month!

Who the hell am I?

My name is Mark Halwani, founder of Breakthrough Media. I’ve spent more than 15 years in the online marketing space

I started working for the first and largest authorised reseller of Google Ads management services in Australia back in 2007

Eventually, I co-founded an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business, specializing in getting more leads & sales for a wide range of businesses in Australia

I’ve owned multiple 6 figure coaching businesses myself and over the years, my team and I have fine-tuned a formula for creating profitable marketing campaigns to generate leads, acquire customers, build their brand and scale their business…

Essentially my team and I will become your marketing team and will take care of all this for you so you can focus on achieve your goals

Who is this for?

Breakthrough Teams is for businesses that are doing at least 500k per year and are looking to scale to $1 – $3 million per year

What other clients are saying

Nick Cheadle - Paragon Strength

Brad Greentree - Make Anxiety History​

Paolo Baja - Athletic IQ​

Andrew Kolouris - Simple Property Lending

Laura Raneri - Melrose Estate Agents

How it works​

Breakthrough Teams will take care of your whole marketing strategy, hooks, your copy, funnels and Facebook ads to hit and achieve your goals

Breakthrough Teams will consist of your very own:

  • Heard of Marketing
  • Copywriter
  • Funnel Builder
  • Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Facebook Ad expert
The total value of having these team members in your business normally would be at least $20k per month in wages. 

How to get started​

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, schedule a Marketing Action Plan using the calendar below and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if Breakthrough Teams is a good fit for both of us